Jenn knows that selling a home is a significant undertaking, which is why she is committed to helping sellers navigate the entire process. As your agent, she will work alongside you to price your property accurately, stage your home to sell, and market it to prospective buyers. She is ready and willing to ensure a successful sale – which means obtaining the highest price possible for your home in the shortest amount of time.

Today, putting a home on the market involves much more than simply sticking a sign in the front yard ; it requires research, strategy, and skill, which Jenn will provide. Here are some tips from Jenn to prepare your house to sell:

Whether you DIY (Do It Yourself) or hire a Pro, you are likely to add 3 -5% to your home’s value if you clean up and clear out. Clutter, grime and weird smells that accompany an un-kept home are never an incentive for a potential buyer to take a closer look. Here are tips to ensure you don’t make costly mistakes:

  • Depersonalize the space by removing personal effects and photos
  • Declutter closets, table and counter tops, living and sleeping area as well garages. Try this link for creative ways to de-clutter (
  • Smell is a powerful memory sense, so any funky aromas potential buyers detect in your home will be with them a long time. Odor is caused by bacteria that attaches to ceilings, walls, carpets and draperies. You may have possibly become accustomed to lingering odors. Before putting your house on the market, air it out and give the entire interior a thorough cleaning including vacuuming, dusting and wiping down every surface and air out damp parts of your home using a dehumidifier. While air fresheners in large doses may send a red flag, they may be useful in moderation.

More than any other room in a home, the kitchen sells the house. However, you should not spend big bucks on any one room or project. If the kitchen is badly outdated, a couple of thousand dollars will replace appliances which will make a big difference along with a fresh coat of paint. It is important to make any minor repair that may cause a buyer to have second thoughts.

Buyers want to see a home is clean and well-maintained, especially in the bathroom. Caulking around the tub and re-grouting a tile floor will go a long way. If you are interested in a value upgrade, focus on the master bath. A couple of thousand dollars on a new floor, vanity counter top, toilet and fixtures could allow you to raise your asking amount $4,000 to $6,000.

A fresh coat is the quickest way to transform a room. But, it probably does not make sense to repaint the entire house before putting it on the market. Here are things to think about:

  • High traffic area, like kitchen and baths, are most likely candidates for a paint job.
  • Repaint any brightly colored rooms, most buyers don’t have the ability to look past the color and see the true room.
  • Whites, off-whites and neutrals attract most buyers.

Start with Basic maintenance like mowing the yard, trimming overgrown shrubs and apply a fresh layer of mulch to beds. Make minor repairs such as replacing cracked siding boards and follow-up with paint touch ups especially to the front of the house. It might be worth replacing the front door. Another place to pay close attention is the roof.

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With a background in interior design, Jenn brings to the table a keen eye for staging, marketing, and selling your property. On top of that, she is committed to guiding you through the entire process- from property valuation to closing of the sale.